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  • Black And Tan Records' releases:

      • Billy Jones | my Hometown

        Boo Boo Davis | Drew, Mississippi

        Turnip Greens | Carry Me Down The Aisle

        Roscoe Chenier | Waitin For My Tomorrow

        Doug MacLeod | Where I Been

        Percy Strother | Home At Last

        Big George Jackson Band | Beggin' Ain't For Me

        Roscoe Chenier | Roscoe Style

        Boo Boo Davis | East St. Louis

        Billy Jones |tha' Bluez

        Erskine Oglesby | Blues Dancin'

        Byther Smith | Smitty's Blues

        Big George Jackson Band | Big Shot

        Erskine Oglesby | Honkin' & Shoutin'

        Sunset Travelers | For The Sake Of It

        Boo Boo Davis | Can Man

        Doug MacLeod | A Little Sin

        Mike Andersen Band | My Love For The Blues

        Mike Andersen Band |Tomorrow

        Big George Jackson Band | Southern In My Soul

        Byther Smith | Throw Away The Book

        Boo Boo Davis | The Snake

        Ernie Payne | Coercion Street

        Teresa James & the Rhythm Tramps | Oh Yeah

        Doug MacLeod | Dubb

        Harrison Kennedy | Voice Story

        Doug MacLeod | The Blues In Me | DVD